Permanent Makeup Training

The “Artistry Of Permatech” Permanent Makeup Training Method

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Congratulations on choosing the top permanent makeup application method available! Through “The Artistry of Permatech” you will discover all the skills necessary to build a promising career in the permanent makeup field.

Antoinette Parfitt Cox developed the Artistry of Permatech teaching method in 2007, after spending a decade and a half correcting other artists’ work. Realizing there was a lack of properly trained permanent makeup artists, she founded Permatech Makeup Training Studio. Since then, Antoinette has trained and certified many of today’s leading artists – and trainers – from California to England.

Amber Parfitt owner of Creative Cosmetics Ink Training Studio, is one of the master trainers personally trained by Antoinette. Amber has been in the beauty industry since 1983 and trained as a permanent cosmetic artist in 1997. After years of correcting other artists work, she feels as Antoinette does, that the industry needs quality trained professionals. So, after many years of providing high quality services to a wide variety of clientele, she trained as an instructor in 2010 and is concentrating on Creative Cosmetics Ink Training Studio and training others on how to do permanent make-up correctly. With so much experience and a great team of highly trained professionals, Amber is ready to help anyone learn more about all the latest permanent makeup techniques.

To learn more, browse the rest of the website or contact us by phone or email to get your questions answered quickly. When it comes to permanent makeup techniques and methods, Creative Cosmetics Ink Training Studio is ready to help teach others how to do high quality work. This is an industry that is an art and a science at the same time. The good news is that Amber’s team at Creative Cosmetics Ink can help you learn all aspects of the industry.


Choosing the right school to take permanent makeup classes is very important if you want to learn how to do things the right way and make it easier to get a job. When you train with the best, you’re going to be able to have a better chance of being able to start a career in today’s competitive job market. Below, we have some information on why you should get your training with Creative Cosmetics Ink Training Studio.

Permanent Makeup Classes

Which permanent makeup classes and training should you choose? Here’s a quick look at the main reasons you should go with Creative Cosmetics Ink Training Studio.

  • Our Experience – We have over two decades of experience when it comes to permanent makeup – more if you count all of the other cosmetology services we have provided over the years.
  • Our Staff – Everyone one on are team is professional, friendly, and easy to work with and learn from when it comes to permanent makeup techniques.
  • Our Prices – Last but not least, you should also consider our prices, which are very affordable and competitive. We offer great rates for all of our students.

As you can see from the list above, there are a lot of reasons to choose us for your training. Whether you’ve had makeup training in the past or are just starting out, you should give us a call.

Permanent Makeup Training by Professionals

Creative Cosmetics Ink provides top notch instructors so your instruction is passed down from the very best. The topics of permanent makeup are covered systematically and in detail, thus giving you a thorough knowledge of the processes involved. The techniques that are taught in class are of a superior quality, providing you with the very best education available.

Permanent makeupThrough this method, we teach a Basic Permanent Makeup Course. You will receive a certificate of completion for “THE ARTISTRY OF PERMATECH METHOD” through Creative Cosmetics Ink. We train in small numbers to give you our full attention. We are the first to provide five assisting days, so the students can observe and assist in the studio during the class. A work station is available for rent to students so they can begin practicing right away. You will receive ongoing support for a full year.

Creative Cosmetics Ink also offers continuing education courses, these courses are for previously certified permanent makeup artists.

At Creative Cosmetics Ink Training Studio, you’re going to be taught by a team of professionals who have many years of experience. You will learn all the latest methods, materials and techniques to apply a semi-permanent makeup that looks truly amazing. While you might be able to get a job working with actors, actresses and musicians, you might also consider using your skills to help cancer patients and others. Either way, a career as a permanent makeup artist can be exciting and fulfilling on a personal and professional level.


Basic Permanent Makeup Course;
This is the “Artistry of Permatech Method” initial 10 day training course for those who have not had any experience in permanent cosmetics.
Class size; a maximum of 4 trainees. Cost; $4500.
Theory; yes
Practical; yes
Pre-assessment needed; Application and Career Assessment Questionnaire.
The course includes over 100 hours of training, study materials and a permanent makeup kit. You are required to complete 20 to 30 of these hours outside of the classroom as homework. In class, we will go over the step-by-step manual in detail and DVD. You will be taking this information home to keep after the class.
You will work on “Betty” your personal doll head to become familiar with your equipment and learn all techniques used. You will perform three of each; hair stroke brows, eyes and lips on real models. Also, we practice consultations, color choice and shapes with these models. You can bring your own model, a friend or family member, which is a great idea for advertising since this is a word of mouth business.  If you do not bring a model, we will have models for you. All models must call and book an appointment in advance as well as provide payment in advance.  The fee for being a model is $75 per procedure.

Class sessions are as follows:

  • Day 1 – Manual and DVD Review (Class Days)
  • Day 2 – Shaping and Technique (Class Day)
  • Day 3 – Model Work 1 (Class Day)
  • Day 4-  Model Work 2 (Class Day)
  • Day 5 – Model Work 3 (Class Day)
  • Day 6 – One on One Assisting Instructor During a Work Day (Class Day)
  • Day 7 – One on One Assisting Instructor During a Work Day (Class Day)
  • Day 8 – One on One Assisting Instructor During a Work Day (Class Day)
  • Day 9 – One on One Assisting Instructor During a Work Day (Class Day)
  • Day 10 – One on One Assisting Instructor During a Work Day (Class Day)

Class Hours:

Class commences each day at 10:00 am and adjourns at 7:00 pm or later. Class time is a total of 85 hours, which includes 5 assisting days to observe interactions with clients and to assist in the techniques used to perform permanent makeup. Class time does not include the additional 20 – 30 hours of home study.

Creative Cosmetics Ink Class Curriculum

INTRODUCTION TO PERMANENT COSMETICS: Learn the rich history, benefits, and limitations of permanent makeup. Understand new governmental and health regulations.

SANITATION/STERILIZATION: Learn bloodborne pathogens and standard precautions; OSHA requirements; cross-contamination risks; as well as appropriate procedures, methods, and techniques that keep you and your client safe.

FACIAL MORPHOLOGY PHYSIOGNOMY: Learn to see the entire face; identify facial shapes and characteristics of each feature; create the ideal shape and placement of eye brows, eyeliners, lash enhancements, and lip liners.

ANATOMY OF THE FACE AND EYES: Learn the anatomy of the eye and eyelids; areas safe for tattooing and those that are not and why; safe tattooing techniques; as well as techniques to enhance and flatter the shape of the eyes and face.

SKIN/SKIN DISORDERS: Learn where and how pigment is placed into the skin; skin disorders, scar tissue, Fitzpatrick Scale, textures, tones, aging, elasticity and how all of these factors affect final results.

PATIENT/CLIENT TREATMENT: Learn how to evaluate each client and his/her expectations; consult with clients; and understand informed consent. Identify areas that require medical clearance. Learn permanent cosmetic application rules regarding shape, color, and appropriate amount of permanent cosmetic. Observe instructor performing initial consultation with live models and applying the pencil test.

MODELS: All models must call in advance for an appointment as well as pay in advance . There is an Model fee of $100.00 per procedure.

PATIENT/CLIENT MANAGEMENT: Learn the importance of consultation, communication skills, ethics, obtaining accurate health histories, and identifying personality problems. Learn how to handle clients’ unrealistic expectations. Understand the Power of “NO!”

PRE/POST-TREATMENT: Learn to properly instruct clients on pre-procedural and post-procedural care; when to seek medical treatment for possible contraindications.

EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES: (Permanent Makeup Kit provided) Learn types, maintenance, sources, needle clusters, and pigments. A supply list of each item used in practice will be provided along with vendors.applying-permanent-makeup-

HANDS-ON EXERCISES AND DEMONSTRATIONS: Learn applications of eyebrows, eyeliners, and lip color /liners; appropriate selection of pigment colors; use of (OTC) topical anesthetics for client comfort; tips for working conservatively. Observe instructor’s techniques and form during procedures. Learn proper positioning of technician’s body, especially the arm and hand, and correct use of machine for a safe and stable application.

EXTENSIVE COLOR THEORY: Color theory made easy! Learn color control with tried-and-true formulas; comprehensive appreciation for color behavior intra-dermally; altering and correcting color vs. color removal.

MARKETING AND BUSINESS CONSIDERATIONS: Learn business law, including liability, insurance, and independent contractor guidelines. All client forms are supplied for you including: Health History, Pre-Procedure, Post-Procedure, Informed Consent Form, Re-Consent Form, Consultation/Incident Sheet, Formula Record, etc.



  • MANUAL: An authorized, comprehensive training manual will be provided. The book will give you in-depth instructions, questionnaires, releases, and other important forms.
  • DVD: “123 Numb” the techniques used for numbing;
  • TECHNIQUES: Brows – hairstroke and powdered, Eyes – lash enhance and eyeliner, Lips – natural and lip color with liner.
  • ASSISTING: Program included during the training with on-going support for 1 year after certification.
  • KIT: Permanent makeup kit with enough supplies to practice.

PIGMENT: The pigment we use in class will be supplied for all procedures.

MODELS: If students wish to work on each other, this is permissible; however, eyeliner procedures cannot be performed until course work is complete. We have release forms at class for anyone who wishes to have any procedure performed on them. Students may supply their own model, as long as the model calls to pay the model fee of $75 and consult about procedure and time. This is done on a first-to-call, first-to-book basis.

CERTIFICATE: Upon satisfactory completion of the course, which will include a written examination, you will receive a certificate of completion.

INSURANCE: You will also receive the insurance company forms to be submitted for your business as a Permanent Cosmetics Specialist.

ATTIRE: We request student’s attire be professional-casual with comfortable shoes. (Sneakers and scrubs are fine.)

YOU’LL NEED to bring a camera or smartphone with a macro setting for extreme close-ups, as you are required to begin cataloging before and after pictures. Notebook and pen.