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Permanent Makeup: Eye Brow
Permanent Makeup: Lips
Permanent Makeup: Eye Liner

CC Ink, where Experience

meets an Artistic Eye

   Creative Cosmetics, Ink located in Prescott, Arizona and founded in 2007, is dedicated to giving you the most comfortable experience to naturally enhance and bring out your own unique beauty. Whether it is through permanent makeup or body waxing, by making small adjustments in just the right place we work to bring out your beauty.

    The permanent makeup services at Creative Cosmetics, Ink are designed to enhance your beauty and bring symmetry to your features. Our permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and more are custom designed and as unique as the face they are created for. We also provide many more permanent cosmetic services such as; eye highlighting, eye shadow and blush for subtle contouring of your features.

    If you have had your makeup done before, but don’t like how it turned out we can fix it by correcting it or removing the misplaced permanent makeup by the EliminInk method. We can remove any facial or small hand tattoo that you no longer want, doesn’t matter the color or age. The removal system works on tattoo ink and permanent makeup pigment alike. It takes a few sessions to complete the tattoo removal process and leave the skin as if it was never there. Come in for a consultation to find out what we can do for you.

    Creative Cosmetics, Ink provides a full range of face and body waxing services for men and women. Any place that you have unwanted hair it can be removed. Specializing in the proper placement of eyebrows and brazilian’s. All our waxing services are available for men and women. Quick and efficiently the hair is removed and a soothing lotion is applied before you are on your way.

     We are conveniently located close to downtown Prescott, Arizona. This makes it the perfect place for a quick lunch time or after work permanent makeup or waxing services. Come in for a free consultation for any of our services.