Post Care Permanent Makeup Removal

Post Procedure Care

– Permanent Makeup Removal

  • Allow air to circulate and dry out the treated area so a scab can form.
  • Treated area must remain dry, cover with a watertight bandage while showering! (If accidentally exposed to water you must blot dry)

No soap! No sun! No water!

  • If treated area becomes itchy apply A&D ONLY! AROUND the treated site, DO NOT APPLY ON TREATED AREA!
  • Do not scratch! Tap on it if you absolutely have to!
  • If the treated area looks like it is infected you should contact your physician within 24 hours.
  • A brownish scab will form over the treated area and falls off in 7-10 days.
  • It is very important NOT to pick or pull at the scab; this will increase the risk of scarring and prolong recovery.


  • After scab falls off you will begin the aftercare treatment of DermaRenuTM.
  • Apply DermaRenuTM 2 – 3 times daily for 2 – 3 weeks on the treated area. DermaRenuTM will reduce redness and assist in the skins natural healing process.
  • It is important not to scratch the treated area during the healing process or you might cause scarring.
  • If the permanent makeup pigment color is not completely removed at the treated site, the EliminInkTM removal process may be performed again 8 – 12 weeks post initial treatment.
  • The shine on the new skin MUST disappear before the next treatment can be performed.
  • If the treated area needs to be re-tattooed, you must wait the appropriate 8 – 12 week time frame to allow the treated area to heal properly. Re-tattooing is very common after the removal of permanent makeup. 

Please do not hesitate to text Amber if you have any questions, 928-925-3026.