Post Care Eyeliner

Post Care Eyeliner

Products Used For After Care

Eye Wash: This is used to irrigate the eye area of any debris during the healing time, you can purchase it at any drug store or at the studio.

Eyeliner; what to expect and how to care for it

     Expect light to moderate swelling and for up to three days, but it will subside over that time. Two or three permanent makeup applications may be required to achieve the desired results. It is not uncommon to lose up to 50% of the color on the first application.

     Right after the procedure: An Ice pack may be used twenty minutes at a time, during the first few hours after the procedure to help in the transition, while the numbing wears off. Protect your skin with a paper towel wrapped around the ice pack. Sleeping on your back with the head slightly elevated will help reduce swelling. Rinse your eyes with Eye Wash once an hour this first day. This will remove any pigment that may have gotten into the eye during the procedure and will prevent scratching of the eye, so rinse well.

     Next five days: Always wash your hands before touching the tattooed area. Use an ice pack in the morning for the next couple of days to reduce puffiness for that day. During the next few days rinse with Eye Wash as needed to soothe the eye. Starting on the second night you can use a very tiny amount of Aquaphore on a Q-tip, if they feel very dry and only apply at night. You must use a NEW mascara to avoid contamination of the wound. It would be best to wait for five days before putting makeup on or close to the tattooed area. Remember you have to take off whatever makeup you have put on and it will be tender. It could also pull the scabs off prematurely. Sunglasses will aid in the longevity of your tattoo.

Cautions: DO NOT apply anything else to the tattooed area. Lashes may stick together during the healing process they will separate after the skin is healed. DO NOT pick but let the scabs fall off naturally. IF AFTER DAY THREE, ONE OR BOTH EYES ARE BLOODSHOT CALL YOUR DOCTOR.


  • Do Not use any Retin-A or Glycolic Acids in the area while healing!
  • Do Not use Peroxide or Neosporin!
  • Do Not scrub or pick treated areas!
  • Do Not expose area to the sun or tanning beds!
  • Avoid facials, swimming and or hot tubs for at least five days!
  • Do Not dye or tweeze eyebrows for one week after the procedure!

Failure to follow post procedure instructions may result in loss or discoloration of pigment.

The known possible complications from micro-pigmentation are: redness, swelling, puffiness, bruising, dry patches and tenderness.

It is normal to lose approximately 1/3 of the color during the healing process. After the initial procedure, the color may be a shade too dark, in six days it will appear too light, then after ten days the color will show more.

The permanent makeup will appear softer when completely healed because the color will be seen through the layers of the skin.

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