Post Care Eyebrows

Post Care Eyebrows

Eyebrows; what to expect and how to care for your brows

Expect that you might have slight swelling or thickness and or redness around the brow for one to two days following the procedure. Immediately after the procedure, the brows will appear darker and bolder than when they are fully healed. This is due to oxidation of the pigment and the redness of the skin. After three to four days, the color will become lighter as the epidermis sloughs off and the skin heals over the pigment. During this time the color will seem to disappear as the skin is opaque during this healing time. After two weeks the skin becomes translucent and the color will bloom. It is not uncommon to lose 25% to 30% of the color on the first application.

     Healing the procedure

Always wash your hands before touching the tattooed area.

You will leave the brows dry for two days, don’t get them wet if you can help it. Your brows should remain dry all day and all night. If they do get damp dab dry right away. This will leave the scabs thin and will allow for better color retention. The scab should stay as thin as when you left the studio. Though, some people will build up a scab over the first night. If you notice that the scab is much bigger the next day moisten a washcloth and soak the brows till thin again. Don’t scrub! Then, dry them till nothing shows on a tissue.

On the third day you can gently wash and dry them. Fingertip wash and dab dry gently. Use a gentle cleanser.

On the fourth day apply a gentle lotion that soaks in. Apply as many times as you like. This will allow the thin scabs to slough off when ready. It will also keep any scab flakes from sticking out. Don’t pick! During this time they will have light and dark patches where the scabs are still partway there. If you need to you can put clean brow pencil on the light areas till all the scabs come off.

Keep out of the sun for seven days. Then after seven days wear sunscreen to aid in the longevity of your tattoo.

Cautions: If the skin around the eyebrows breaks out in a heat rash, small pimples, this is a reaction to the numbing solution and should go away by itself in a couple weeks, don’t pick. If the area around the brows gets redder over time don’t put anything on them and text me right away.

Products Used For After Care

A gentle lotion, one that soaks in. Helps keep the brows moist and allows the scabs to slough gentle off. Use on day 4 and after as many times as you like.


  • Do Not use any Retin-A or Glycolic Acids in the area while healing!
  • Do Not use Peroxide or Neosporin!
  • Do Not scrub or pick treated areas!
  • Do Not expose area to the sun or tanning beds!
  • Avoid facials, swimming and or hot tubs for at least five days!
  • Do Not dye or tweeze eyebrows for one week after the procedure!

Failure to follow post procedure instructions may result in loss or discoloration of pigment.

The known possible complications from micro-pigmentation are: redness, swelling, puffiness, bruising, dry patches, tenderness and itchiness.

It is normal to lose approximately 1/3 of the color during the healing process. After the initial procedure, the color may be a shade too dark, in six days it will appear too light, then after ten days the color will show more.

The permanent makeup will appear softer when completely healed because the color will be seen through the layers of the skin.

Please do not hesitate to text or call Amber if you have any questions, 928-925-3026.