Permanent Makeup Services

The permanent makeup services at Creative Cosmetics Ink are designed to enhance your beauty and bring symmetry to your features. Our permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, and more are custom designed and as unique as the face they are created for. We also provide many more permanent cosmetic services such as; eye contouring and eye highlighting for subtle contouring of your features. Conveniently located in downtown Prescott, Arizona.


Brows define your eyes and face, so they are one of the most important features. I have a few techniques to help you achieve the look you want. Microstrokes,  Microbladding, Hair strokes, Feathered and Powdered. For the most part the technique used will be determined by your age, skin type and the desired results.


If you don’t want to look like you have anything on we can enhance the lash line for fuller thicker looking lashes. Or are you looking for a smudged, shadowed look for softness or a full eyeliner, thick or thin, this is not a problem.

Lip Color

When it comes to the lips you had when you were a baby No problem! If you would like to enhance your natural lip line soft and simple. If you want a full lip color with lots and lots of color, great. Bring your favorite lip color and I’ll closely match it.

Specialty Services

Want that always makeup look? I do, eye contouring, and eye highlighting.

Areola Recoloration

Mastectomy and augmentation patients enjoy the benefits of micropigmentation for re-coloring the areola or scars after breast surgery.

Correction and Removal of Permanent Makeup

If you have had permanent makeup done before and do not like the results don’t worry it can be adjusted. I can make changes with permanent makeup to alter the color and shape. I can cover the color that is misplaced until we get the desired look. Or you might want to go through a Removal process. Let me help you get the results you are looking for.