Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

At Creative Cosmetics, Ink in Prescott Arizona we use artistic form to bring out the natural beauty unique to each individual. Permanent makeup eyebrows, are custom designed and as one of a kind as the face they are created for. We can design soft powdered brows, hair stroke brows or a combination of both for a natural looking eyebrow.

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Permanent Eyebrows

The mineral pigment that is put into the layers of the skin will always remain there to some degree, hence the word permanent. However, as with any tattoo, fading can and often does occur requiring periodic maintenance. Also the degree of “permanency” varies with each individual.

Permanent Makeup is a two procedure process. We use pigment not ink so it wears differently in the skin and the colors we use are more natural tones. Communication is very important in determining the outcome. Micro-pigmentation is not a science and there is no guarantee on the amount of appointments you will need. 

The term “Permanent Cosmetics” is actually extended wear cosmetics and will fade in varying degrees with different individuals. Some clients will need a maintenance application sooner than others.


New Client Eyebrows

Eyebrows: If you just need to fill in spots in your brows that are missing, single hairs will work for you. If you have no hair on the outer sides I can add a few different color hair strokes to match your remaining hair. If you have no hair at all I can use up to three colors in the brow to take on the appearance of natural hair stokes and color, adding highlights for texture and low lights for depth.

Price is split for convenience

First Appointment $300

Second Appointment if needed $60

New Client Touchup

This pricing schedule is for the client who comes from another artist and who needs a touch up. If you want to make changes to the shape &/or color, or you have waited too long between touch ups, you will be considered a new client service and have to start from the beginning.

Brow Touchup – $200.00

New Client Touchup

Touch up appointments are done once a year and take only one visit depending on its age. If your makeup was previously done by another artist or you have waited too long to come in for a touch up appointment, your procedure may fall into the new client appointment pricing.

Brow Touchup – $140.00

NOTE: All services are priced at the practitioner’s discretion, she reserves the right to price clients as she sees fit.

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