Fixing Permanent Makeup/Removal

     If you have had permanent makeup done before and do not like the results don’t worry it can be adjusted. I can make changes with permanent makeup to alter the color and shape. I can cover or remove the color that is misplaced till we get the desired look. Let me help you get the results you are looking for.

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Fixing Permanent Makeup/Removal

Fixing Permanent Makeup

Correction of the color and shape of previous work can change the look of your makeup.

This procedure is a process depending on the outcome needed it can take 2-5 visits.

Fixing Permanent Makeup Pricing

Consultation needed for pricing

Permanent Makeup Removal

     The removal procedure is similar to the application of the original permanent makeup. The magnesium oxides and other ingredients in EliminInk™ “bind” to the iron oxides in the color pigments in permanent makeup and safely lift them to the surface through oxidation. A scab will form over the treated area that must be kept dry until it falls off naturally. Once the scab has fallen off, DermRenu™, a scar inhibitor, is to be applied topically to the treated area two to three times per day for up to eight weeks. DermRenu™ reduces the chance of scarring. The age of the permanent makeup and the number of touch ups you have had will determine how many appointments will be needed for the completion of removal, it can take from 1 – 6 appointments. Eyeliner cannot be removed. Consultation is required.

Correction of brow color and eyeliner shape
tattoo removal

Permanent Makeup Removal Pricing

Consultation needed for accurate pricing

Brow Area Removal – each session
Call for pricing
Lip Area (outside lip edge) Removal – each session
Call for pricing
Tattoo Removal – each session Call for pricing

NOTE: All services are priced at the practitioner’s discretion, she reserves the right to price clients as she sees fit.

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