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   As an artist I decided a long time ago to get involved in this profession. Even as a young girl I was preparing for this role through my art work, modeling, cosmetology and skin care training. In fact it runs in the family, my sister and mentor is considered a top instructor in the industry. I have taken many advanced courses and protocols in addition to the basic permanent makeup certification.

     I was exposed to the beauty industry by my mother who owned a dance studio. My sisters and I had a joyous time taking many dance lessons and expressing ourselves through the beauty of dance. However the principal influence was when my mother encouraged us with modeling and makeup lessons. So at a young age I learned how to use subtle shading and highlights to creating symmetry in the face and bring out a natural beauty.

     Graduating as a cosmetologist in 1983, I officially began my career in the beauty industry and over the years I focused on skin care and waxing. With the encouragement of my sister, I learned basic permanent makeup application in 1997 and am a certified permanent makeup artist. Since then I have taken advanced courses in the application of hair stroke brows, eye shadow, smudgy eyeliner, blush, areola, corrections, camouflage, and scar relaxation. I also am certified in the EliminInkTM removal process. With these tools I customize each procedure to your needs.

     My philosophy is that permanent makeup should bring out your natural beauty and not look as though you are made up. Just the right amount of color added so you are not washed out but enhancing your features with highlights and shadows to give symmetry to your face. My passion for this art form is to help people look good so they feel great about themselves.

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Amber Parfitt